Using Glass And Stainless To Create Balance In The Office

One of the main things big companies want to sell these days is “transparency”. And it shows in the way modern offices are being constructed. More natural light is being brought into the workplace because it just makes so much sense and it brings with it so many benefits. But it is not just about office walls turning into a combination of glass and stainless components. It’s also about the social environment being created between employees inside an open-plan layout.

The debate on whether employees should be blocked off from co-workers while at their workstation will probably never end. Some office managers believe that giving more social freedom will increase productivity, but they can’t deny that it also comes with the dangers of too much distraction. Basically, it has been a deadlock between what seems like two extremes, because glass and stainless components effectively create that balance.

Open office layouts are good for employee morale, but removing all boundaries will eventually start an avalanche of distractions if employees aren’t disciplined enough. Hence the implementation of glass partitions.

How Does Glass And Stainless Components Create Balance?

1. It Serves As A Barrier But Maintains An Open Atmosphere

While glass allows everyone to still see what is going on around them, the sound is curbed significantly. And without those direct sounds, it becomes much easier to focus on the work that has to get done.

So, it gives office managers who believe in designated private space what they want. And at the same time, managers with a more relaxed approach can promote a social atmosphere while putting a neutral foundation in place.

2. Flexibility And Versatility

Another big benefit that comes with glass partitions is the flexibility. Thanks to the easy way single pane glass can be formed and cut, it’s amazing what professionals can produce these days.

The designs are contemporary and modern, creating more than just a relaxed working environment, but also one where focus can easily be maintained.

3. It Works Both Ways

Just like office managers aim to achieve certain goals via the layout of the office, the mindset of the employees should be considered as well.

The truth is, not all employees like an open office, mainly because of distractions. At the same time, other employees thrive in an open office in spite of the distractions. Glass partitions can establish a common ground employees on both sides of the fence can agree on.

4. All The Natural Light

Moving away from the open offices and to the glass walls, just think about all the natural light that will be streaming into the building. And apart from making employees more productive, it is more relaxing and cuts down on energy costs.

The best part is the appeal of glass and stainless components. It looks professional, sleek, modern and inviting. Nobody needs to feel any type of anxiety at their workstations, nor do they have to listen to distractions. It truly creates the perfect balance inside the office.

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