Is Breast Enlargement Surgery Safe?

Breast enlargement surgery is something that a huge number of women opt to have to improve their self esteem and to give themselves the body that they have always wanted. The procedure is becoming increasingly affordable these days, and more and more women are opting to do it because it is something that is long-lasting, and they feel that it will be worth it for the boost to their confidence and quality of life. But is it worth doing something that will involve ‘going under the knife’?

There is always some risk with surgery. The original breast enlargement procedures involved silicone implants, and the early generation ones did not feel very realistic compared to real breasts. They also required large incisions, which meant that there was a risk of scarring, although surgeons would make the incisions in places that weren’t clearly visible during day to day life. Later versions of the implants were made from a softer, more fluid silicone which feels more like breast tissue to the touch.

There is some risk of those implants bursting, however. Some of the softer implants would expand depending on the air pressure, and a burst implant could pose a serious health risk. Silicone is inert, but it can still be a source of serious discomfort in the body, and it can lead to warped and unusual looking breasts.

More recently, there are implants that are made from saline solution. To reduce the risk of scarring there are new forms of breast enlargement surgery that involve fitting a small implant bag which can be filled up with saline solution to the desired size, and then deflated if necessary if the user decides that they want a smaller cup size.

These saline implants produce smaller scars, and are generally considered safer because if they leak they will not harm the body – the solution will simply be broken down to avoid damage.

Breast enlargement surgery is a good option for most people, but there is a healing time for it, and there is the possibility of infection with any form of cosmetic surgery. You should make sure that you choose a reputable clinic where the surgery will be performed by an expert who has a lot of experience, and where you will be given proper aftercare to minimise the possibility of scarring and infection. If you go abroad to have it done, make sure that you research the clinic properly. Do not take chances with it, and do not cut corners with the treatment. Ask for before and after photos from people who have used the clinic, and ask to follow up on those testimonials as well. This is important to make sure that the testimonials are genuine.

Breast implants can help to improve your confidence, and they will work well for most people, but do not let anyone pressure you into going under the knife if you do not want it for yourself. Take pride in your body and how it looks.

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